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Dhyanaandhrapradesh Magazine is a monthly Telugu journal of PSSM produced from Hyderabad, AP, India. Dhyanaandhrapradesh Team has assumed the responsibility of passing the knowledge of true spirituality / spiritual science gleaned from spiritual gurus and spiritual scientists and spiritual masters from across the world and make it available to the masses in easy Telugu language. This magazine is a very key magazine of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, India. The first edition of Dhyanaandhrapradesh was released in the month of January, 2002

Educational Vani

Dhyana Vijayam

Dhyana Lahari

Pyramid Dhyanam

Dhyana Jagat

Dhyana Varam


Dhyana Jyothi

Antar Jeevitham

Dhyana Netram

Dhyana Sagaram

Dhyana Kereetam

Pyramid Vani

Dhyana Yugam

Dhyana Rajadhani

Dhyana Bheri

Dhyana Arogyam

Dhyana Madhanam

Dhyana Mahaboobnagar

Dhyana Priya

Dhyana Shakti

Lobsang Rampa


Dhyana Velugu

Dhyana Puri

Dhyana Phalam

Dhyana Patri

Dhyana Pamarlu

Dhyana Gowthami

Dhyana Bhagyam

Anando Brahma

Dhyana Rayalaseema